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custom area rugs

Custom Area Rugs

Custom Area Rugs

Carpet One Belleville Floor & Home is your local source for all things flooring, and that includes area rugs. Our selection includes a variety of name brands for you to select including Carnival Rugs, Citak Rugs, and Stevens Omni. We can do a special custom order if the style, colour or size you love is not in stock in our showroom. We offer other services as well such as custom carpet sizing, custom stair runners, and in-store binding. We make finding exactly what you want easy, and it can be very affordable.



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Benefits of Area Rugs

If you are looking to add décor to your home, consider an area rug. Area rugs can protect a floor, absorb sound, and add comfort all at the same time. Area rugs are able to adapt to different rooms because they are easy to place in any space and can be moved, rotated, or removed from a room if desired. You can choose a style that complements your home décor or something that stands out. Our collection of area rugs includes many different shapes, sizes, fibre materials, textures, colours, patterns, and more.


They also help to define spaces in your home. For example, if you add an area rug in your living room, you can place the furniture on or around the rug to create an intimate gathering space. In addition to being a home décor accessory they also protect your hardwood, tile, laminate or luxury vinyl floors from being scratched up by your furniture. They also help you define spaces within rooms in your home.

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